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We Love Trees.  They live with us. They grow with us. They provide shelter, shade, oxygen and occasionally a good climb. They become part of the family and part of the community.  We’re here to make sure they get the care they deserve.

 Tree care and maintenance (known as Arboriculture) is both art and science.  The Team at Buds Expert Tree Care has been applying their skills and design to the trees of Portland and beyond since 2002. A careful eye, a veteran hand and arboriculturally-correct methods increases both the vitality and aesthetics.


Buds Expert Tree Care is a family-owned and operated business. Pete Botke, owner and lead-arborist, takes great care to make sure that when the job is finished, both you and your tree are happy with the results.

Online Scheduling

Select a service to schedule an appointment.

  • Free on site Estimate by Certified Arborist
    The on site estimate will include tree services recommended by our Arborist and requested by the customer, a brief description of the work to be performed, and prices for each service. You must be the property owner or an agent of the property owner and be present at the estimate to utilize this service free of charge. Estimates can be canceled online up to 24 hours before they begin or by calling us up to 24 hours before.
  • Arborist Services

    • Arborist’s Report $500
      A report written by our Certified Arborist with technical knowledge of tree care practices gained through experience, training, and an International Society of Arboriculture Certification. Used for Official purposes.
    • Tree Inventory
      This is a report that counts, measures the DBH, identifies the species and calls out the health of the trees on the property. For this service our Certified Arborist would meet on site and give a price for the intended Tree Inventory. 
    • Tree Hazard Evaluation $275
      This service goes beyond our free estimate to get at the root of your tree issues. If you are having unexplained problems with your trees, problems with pests, or have a new property you would like evaluated in depth this is the service for you. Our arborist will give you an estimate but in addition he will give an analysis of the health for your trees, recommendations for steps you can take to improve the health of your trees, and a plan for maintaining the health of your trees over time.
  • Firewood for Sale

    Arborist mix, Truckload, Cured and Split delivered $250.00
    • Firewood For Sale $350
      Large trailer load of Arborist select mix of cured and split firewood local delivery $350.00       $400.00 for over 15 miles out



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